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becoming animal : a distant hand lifted [trost records]

a quite astonishing recording. it’s a rare thing when a piece of music, let alone a full album, initiates a total trance-like state. the mind unable to pursue any function other than processing sound. eyes lose focus, the material world stops and for 44 minutes (and beyond) a distant hand lifted is the only fixation. a pumping heart and swollen tears the human physical response, along with oceanic pleasure-coursing endorphin rushes. perhaps, what is even more remarkable is the fact this was performed live in london. i cannot imagine how i could have coped standing in that room and being completely consumed. the certainty is that i would have been physically drained, exhausted and overwhelmed with emotion. of course, gordon sharp has constantly left me in this state for well over three decades. that voice. that voice. that voice... this voice. caressing. embracing. cradling. this voice even flows way beyond any of cindytalk’s genius. here it’s perpetual. roaming. rising. falling. with passionate love and at times shuddering rage. operatic would be the wrong term, but drama exists here. driving through the vocal range is an equally insistent mass of computer-generated sound which sharp has been exploring over many recent releases. violent swathes drone over which massimo pupillo saturates in bulging altered electric bass. the zu man of this unique coupling merges harshness and beauty into one complete evocative form. without melody. without percussion. the four movements of a distant hand lifted saturate everything. absolutely everything, seducing spirit with poetry and noise. find yourself within. live for these rare moments. find elation. and be left, touched. raw.

available now on vinyl and dl

cindytalk / massimo pupillo trost

becoming animal is gordon sharp and massimo pupillo

becoming animal is gordon sharp and massimo pupillo

A distant hand lifted ℗ 2017 Trost Records