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andrew lagowski has been producing electronic data since the early eighties. under all manner of guises his output has been mirroring the sounds of our universe with infinite possibilities and his legion project is possibly the darkest matter of all. leviathan was originally released in 1995 on lustmord’s (with whom andrew has collaborated) side effects label, a label synonymous with industrial and experimental music. one of the ‘originals’ in fact! it was indeed an ideal home but now the creator has once again unleashed its mass via download with extras for this new murkier age. leviathan is cold. it is a slow moving monolith of phases and sheer engulfing waves of sound. it is black. it is the vision around us we don’t hear. gushes of air, the wind which drives. it is the elements of survival, though not necessarily that of human survival but of nature itself. perhaps it is the underbelly of planetary existence within an ever-expanding solar whole. in its time am sure it would have most definitely been stored under ‘dark ambient’ but with leviathan’s 2013 release almost twenty years on the whole ambient banner seems too easy a definition. it is beyond ambient sound. for andrew is a narrator. he translates, manipulates and sculpts sound and on leviathan the whole is a growing, pulsating being. it is for when we stare into the night and wonder, just wonder what’s really, really out there. or maybe, what is actually living and breathing beneath our feet. and there is feeling here, not just a blank, dark void of ambience. brief percussive moments lift. silverwing especially, on which a second version can be shared on this reissue and with grinder a bright spiritual shift spirals forth. this is an immense work from someone who can literally plug his creative mind into circuitry and allow the two components of man/man-made elements combine with astonishing, previously unheard resultant sound. lagowski will always provide the listener a totally immersive, passionate ride through the electronic medium and here there are wonders to illuminate. timeless/endless, for that is andrew lagowski.

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legion [this article was previously published 070413 on louder than war]

Uploaded by Andrew Lagowski on 2013-07-04.