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anyone in their right-mind who has an interest in the very left field of music will be aware of fourth dimension and no doubt possess dozens of their titles, including many issues of grim humour magazine (check their site for exciting news on that front). it’s always a pleasure to find someone who’s been at the game for so long still releasing quality material and this double seven-inch set easily passes richo johnson’s consistently high-level quality control. presently untitled flows like the best and rarest of compilations. it does involve a little old-fashioned hand/needle dexterity, but that adds to the essential charm of assorted electronic(a), experimentalism and ambient surface noise. and tunes. yeah, tunes! all exclusives too… richard youngs opens proceedings like some kind of maniacal midnight outtakes from organ reframed. brutal off-centred oscillations surge infinitely against the deepest (sort of) gabba-techno, providing you can reach low enough to hear it. some entrance that before richo himself and stuart carter under their theme guise propel further with dislocated rhythms, ultra-rhythmic sequences and a voice so buried it barely cuts the searing noise. the art of interpreting a softer landing is a fine taster to discover more of their work. now though, time to flip the wax and drop in to sion organ’s stunning anti-electro-pop drone and stutter castles. brief thoughts of master and servant era mode (cue raised-eyebrows) during this derangement for the non-masses which runs neatly into mark perry and dave morgan’s radiator slipstreaming with even more pop sensibility. alternative tv is pure synthy these days and so godamn tuneful they are too. this little ditty about the industry, complete with monkey boots and yes, radiator. bang on it fellas! well, that’s the white label offerings, ready for the black? one of electronica/experimental’s biggest secrets is sleaford modsandrew fearn who has been producing exquisite alternatives in these fields for a bloody lifetime. thankfully, this label has consistently been pushing his wares as extnddntwrk and the track bas fash doesn’t disappoint. it’s a brooding, snail-pace soundscape raking the flesh with a sinister jazzy whiplash before fading off the ambivalent scale. bit of a musical genius is andrew. flipping again the wonderfully ingenious map 71 ups the momentum on orovaniss. if you’re unaware of this electronic, drums and poetics duo from brighton it’s about time you invested. this track is a prime example of lisa jayne and andy pyne’s glorious word/sound rhythmic neatly organised ravings. the only reference i could ever offer is the mighty d&v, whose open-spaced cacophonies kind of fit the narrative. sublime work. presently untitled’s finale is a piece from gary mundy’s kleistwahr project. amassed, drifting drones unfurl over anthems for a new beginning’s dismembered voice, careering into feedbacked silence. which is a fitting end to restart the process by going back to richard youngs18 and listening through the whole set again. buy it. check these diverse artists, support them and this fine historic label.

available now on limited 2x7” vinyl

fourth dimension

presently untitled tracklist insert

presently untitled tracklist insert

From the double-7" compilation on FourthDimension Records.