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goldflakepaint : issue one autumn 2018 [gfp]

bursting out gloriously from the renowned scottish website, blogsite, tapesite and all-round musicalwordinesssite is goldflakepaint’s bright new physical manifestation to hold and admire. a music journal to take the strain from twenty-four-hour screen-eyes, relax and enjoy time with. exquisitely presented in soft-cover eco-friendly matt papers its thorough, well-written texts interplay with precise, crisp visuals and reveal an artifact subtle in approach yet soaring way above most in the racks of professional print media - and this is gfp’s entry-level, setting their template sky-high! the man at its helm is tom johnson whose labours immediately pull tight on emotions felt through beautiful, open-hearted (and difficult) words about his friend scott hutchinson. the profound loss and questioning of his own support of the artist’s mental state laid bare. living close by perhaps he could have lifted spirits more? no, clearly tom had always been there. loved ones can constantly offer their shoulders but personal stability is truly only provided from within. it’s a special piece and the influence of scott and frightened rabbits left in no doubt and as such this issue is dedicated to him; ‘for the tiny changes’. i suspect the tiny changes phrase will remain a constant, in the very best of ways. throughout, the personal nature of writing in the magazine is unwavering. articles on subjects of notable interest to all the creative team allow steady ease of access. pleasurable, revealing interviews and essays with kathryn joseph, iron & wine, david bazan, phosphorescent, tomberline, devon welsh, tasha, cover star mitski and more reach out persuasive leads into acquiring any possible unknowns. the large selection of reviewed albums is neatly positioned in separate graphic sidelines and one of this issue’s wide-smile bringer of joy is maria sledmere’s ambient confections: the curious art of mixtape and playlists. everyone who has lived an age of compiling tapes, cdr’s and iPod shuffles will identify with how she engages moments and surroundings via this passionate ‘transmission’ of self-expression. life-meaning through music brings to mind tim burgess’ constant vinyl adventures obsession. and my own of course! in essence there are 100 pages to pause and immerse within, new and old textures to feel and live with. it’s always a bold step to diversify from the not-so-new-now world order of the internet and having published a magazine (before this time of one massive black www hole) for half a decade i understand the thrill of what this hand-held dna must mean to its parental advisors. a new born to cosy and comfort, hoping the rest of the room will want to cuddle too. i think they, i.e. you, will. even if some of its chosen artists aren’t your usual musical lean-to’s (many aren’t mine, but it always makes sense to explore) the writing is intelligent, inquisitive and entertaining. be quick though, pretty sure this first issue won’t be around for long. there is a digital version for those not completely blinded by the blue light, but i’d recommend reaching for a coat and scarf, getting out into the cheer of autumn sunshine and enjoying the tactile.

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available via gfp with free 20-track dl compilation and stocked in various independent outlets

available via gfp with free 20-track dl compilation and stocked in various independent outlets

Watch Scott's intimate performance of the first version of 'Boxing Night'