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isn’t it funny (how your body works)?

it is funny how the promotion of people’s work is often not reciprocated. i do wonder whether that’s just a symptom of lethargy or something a little more insidious. if artists can’t be bothered to assist in the very simple idea of circulating information then how on earth do they hope to sell their own work beyond existing number of followers? i doubt, and hope, it’s not a case of worry about detracting from their output to anothers’. if so, that’s a very poor indicator on why people bother to create at all. any kind of media outlet is surely a good thing, but ultimately needs support - unless it’s a streaming platform which pays 0.0001 of a penny. it’s a pointer that most punters gravitate to the big sites which exist through large-scale advertising but ignore smaller blogs. unless richly bankrolled everyone starts on the bottom rung. let’s remember though it’s the independent shops which are making a difference with physical sales on the streets. word of mouth should be appreciated and heard from wherever it’s whispered from. which neatly brings me round to those who think paying 10 quid for a cd is a no-no. those who think paying a nominal fee to stream is actually a fair way of doing business. well, those people need to wake up and smell the coffee (just a few cups is the cost of a cd), the artists you love so much are getting bugger all. if you want them to continue, buy from them. from their site, bandcamp, their labels or from shops. it’s a simple measure of economics, sadly only the rich will survive and thrive if personal change isn’t made. forgive me if i’m old-school, but i’d rather exist in a socialist musical democracy. i will continue to dream. and yes, i am just about to start counselling sessions…

selected ambience:

a spot on the hill the tenth wave [beautiful atmospherics with piano, strings and acoustics. a seamless, thought-provoking journey. truly joyful] : becoming animal a distant hand lifted : berlin blondes the complete recordings 1980-81 black tape for a blue girl to touch the milky way [part of the triumph of btfabg has always been the deliberate changing of vocalists and even though i feel i’ve been touched by this record virtually all of my life it reveals unsurpassed intimacy. there is happiness in its openness…] : ben chatwin staccato and drone signals : cuts a slow decay : hands the soul is quick : legion leviathan : low double negative : lycia in flickers [more delicious cradling atmospherics from the arizona drylands. a band more often described as cold, but i see their songs as warm, meditative blankets and on this new work with a few upbeat, sequential surprises. magnificent] : rivulets in our circle [nathan amundson sways between mellow spatial beauty and electrically-powered surges. a criminally underrated singer-songwriter with some of his finest work and in the track not today should easily be riding on the coattails of that new rem boxset. buy and swoon] : tokyo heavy industries morning 1 [ultra-limited cdep (think there is 1 left so be click) with 2 versions of winding multi / multi-layered cyclindrical structures and deeply hypnotic spiritual chants. massive noodling earworms which really spring to life under a headphone influence, particularly the stripped gyral hymn. highly recommended so if that one copy is gone insist on another pressing] : various artists fourth dimension presents presently untitled : wrangler three memes

goldflakepaint issue one autumn 2018 : pan sonic kuvaputki [a few of this dvd release suddenly surfaced again, thankfully. material from 1999-2000 is synced with highly charged, constantly shifting, reflecting, disorienting, hypnotic imagery produced by embryoroom. multi-camera angles make the work multi-faceted, changeable and even more ingenious. and remarkably is a essentially a live film. stunning] : safety pin issue two [punk new and old in all its forms brought to you by martin lacey, legendary ex they must be russians. he’s been at this game for a long long time, creating and printing, literally, millions and millions of zines. angelic upstarts, wonk unit, mc16, johnny thunders and more plus 10-track damaged goods sampler cd]

Rivulets - Everything Goes [OFFICIAL AUDIO] From Rivulets' album "In Our Circle", out October 19th on Talitres.
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