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rivulets : in our circle [talitres]

it’s a brave step to open a set of songs so overwhelmingly alluring with the line ‘i’ve been hiding from life for a while’, but that’s the intimacy nathan amundson delivers every breath with. a criminally ignored singer-songwriter who has been wandering soulful plains for many years. either solo, collaborating with like-hearts such as low or with his band rivulets and often boxed falsely in mere isolationist terms. just another american with guitar and a few indistinguishable thoughts on their mind he most certainly is not, set apart drenching each of his rare compositional threads in warm, sheltered emotion. a pensive mind adrift relaying experience and contact, life on its sinuous journeys. in our circle is the sixth rivulets album, on which amundson, bassist francesco candura and nathan vollmar’s percussion sway between mellow spatial beauty and electrically-powered surges. textures guided by the soft-focussing power of his vocal tone, guitars, piano and organ. a self-levelling field tied by flowing intenseness. the tranquility of everything goes, dark days, won’t be long now, 24 and lucky pause for seated thoughts whilst you can never come back, i was lost before i met you, the spellbinding, deafening bitter-sweet verbal honesty of because i don’t care - for me, potentially the album’s most commercially viable track - range out as travelling companions along with not today which should easily be riding on the coattails of that new rem boxset such is its hazy collective drive. sirens would fit neatly on trust (or virtually any low album for that matter) its drawn chords echoing alan sparhawk’s imperious hands. a closing of eyes might reveal the full majesty of the duluthian trio’s influence, indeed they surely have all grown together. further comparisons could possibly be explored but existing in the post-rock/alt.folk (etc.) environments that’s always inevitable. songwriting and expressive delivery is the key to lift this work above others. constant repeats of lines and phrases more than allude deep meaning and lush, but open production completely pulls the listener into the heart of this circle. these songs may be painted in black and white but they bleed the colours of existence and truth. it is a place to be amongst and share even when alone. ‘and i’m thankful, you still put up with me’; we, are indeed lucky. i can always take solace in the rawness of amundson’s words. thankful for the strength and hope received to reach outside of the world’s destructive despair. ‘i’ve got so much time to die. not today. not today’.

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℗ Talitres Released on: 2018-10-19 Author: Nathan Amundson Composer: Nathan Amundson