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ben chatwin : staccato signals / drone signals [village green recordings]

staccato signals and drone signals, whilst different from an outward perspective, entwine in celebrations of symphony. their maker ben chatwin leads glorious endorphin-driven journies through the vessels, weaved on the measuring of electronics, strings and horns. emotional cascades of sound from a union of computation and touch release the highest possible spiritual surge. from a starting point of analogue and modular synthesis this seasoned musician realised the textural response he required would elevate with further instrumentation. strings, cello, cornet and tenor horn, these natural elements drenched within the process. often pitched and tuned beyond their normal thresholds, with technology allowed to direct and charge the output over and above the physical means of the operator. new forms of sentient signals, staged and surround. staccato bellows from birth. divers in the water divining the marriage of chorus and circuits, a short, sharp bursting introduction of all that’s to follow. bristling electronic and organic matter pulse, beguile and energises. perhaps only in the nursery have previously embraced this majesty so fully, so powerfully in their less percussive dramas. bone is a prime example of this possible entanglement. but, as lights dim on staccato’s black castle finale the creator moves aside, reappraises, revisits and feeds the orchestration further into his machines. therefore, drone signals by definition is the son, the daughter. an offspring of bewildering glow, relaying an often gentler new-born ambience. far more circuited, subtle, but no less grandiose than its precursor. glimpses of past definition framed, slowly forming growth. and finality, exquisite and complete. both these albums could be owned and enjoyed on their own, but by allowing each to filter the synapses after each other an understanding of chatwin’s tactile approach to creativity begins to emerge. he produces sound as environmental architecture to engage and breathe with. from nature. from wires and boards. from life. and his elevating signals really make me feel alive too, a positivity so needed at this moment in time.

both available now on vinyl, cd and dl

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Ben Chatwin performs 'Black Castle', taken from new album 'Staccato Signals', at the Priory Church in South Queensferry. Strings arranged by Pete Harvey and performed by the Pumkinseeds: Violin 1: Liam Lynch Violin 2: Gillian Risi Viola: Yvette Rosie Cello: Pete Harvey