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wrangler : three memes [memetune]

the electro-circuiteer supergroupers. you know, stephen mallinder, benge, phil winter and ben edwards, legends the lot of ‘em. these three tracks have been mangled, mopped, (dis)infected and yes, wrangled from their full lengths. white glue their second (which provides the main-line) was a tad more spat n’polished smooth evil genius than the carnivorous la spark debut and kind of mapped a new cabs after the last groove of 2x45 had clunked (and inhabits side two here). anyways, real life tops the billing memes with a crooked man remix. that’s dj parrott, one richard barrett, the bleeping groove-meister no less and he lobs off on a jiggly journey of juggernaut sequentials from the get-go. lo-slung and downright bassy with layers mind-altered vox filtering the dirty rhythms. mute’s head-honcho gets all normalised on the epic theme from wrangler, which i must admit leaves me feeling a little on the flat side. mal does sound particularly venomous though, so that is a plus for this daniel miller remix but the original definitely has more life and lo-fi splendour about it. and speaking of lo-fi, the best hi-fi is saved for lonelady’s remix of space ace. a scratchy duet jangle to get the jerky all happy and joyful. toe-tappin’, mind-zappin’, or something like that. it’s all good here then. keep movin’ on…

available now on vinyl and dl

wrangler memetune

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