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cuts : a slow decay [village green recordings]

on a day when the world’s scientists have announced their most damning conclusion to the cumulative human effects on climate this ep’s lead-track a gradual decline could very well be the soundtrack to their devastating report. by coincidence this very real situation is indeed its inspiration (all voices much needed). the decay inflicted is represented here by pitch shifting fragile chords which fold into a constant movement of bubbling resonant percussion, cut obliquely with shattering sequential slabs like ice breaking free from its resident borders. in fact this piece uses actual field recordings of these incendiary collapses and accompanying video awash with time-lapsed footage of melting glaciers and constantly shifting ocean fields. anyone with an ounce of environmental awareness should be left in no doubt as to where this planet is headed; ‘the area often described as the last ice area is melting’. yet within the starkness of subject cuts instills expressive melody throughout the concise layering of noise and as it fades, there is peaceful uplift. perhaps hope man can resolve the damage inflicted, if it so chooses? the forthcoming debut album of the same title will further this conversation and concept. but before, there are two more movements… the drifting, organic mesmerism of carbon which shifts with resolute sensuous voice and residual stuttering percussion and the beautiful shimmering static surround of drowning. lush, panoramic, full of the subtle harshness anthony tombling jr. assuredly envelops the listener with. as the needle lifts, this glorious electronic musician can hopefully spark the thinking required. listen and act.

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cuts is anthony tombling jr.

cuts is anthony tombling jr.

Directed & edited by Anthony Tombling Jr Ice time lapse footage filmed by: Andre Pattenden & Anthony Tombling Jr Aerial glacial footage filmed by Vladimir Bodiroga - Fulgura Films A Unit 3 Films Production.