for all and none is... 091018

all that is solid melts into air

trying to regain focus on life it has become blindingly obvious the need to pull harder at creative threads is the essential stimulus. even if no-one is actually listening the cathartic exercise of written and visual work must be undertaken for pleasure and above all, well-being. having just received the latest issue of the excellent tq underground music publication it’s warming to read alex reed’s reflections on music and mental health in its opening page. he is indeed right, music and art ‘reveal vulnerable aspects of the self’. though, on my part this has never seeded any doubts about my own expressions of self. negative response should never be accepted as a problem. if a person dislikes a painting or words written they can simply go elsewhere. i have never been concerned with recognition and do not place any particular worth to sales or perceived success. possessing the drive to ‘make’ is the key. i have always had that and must get back on a path to achieve more. for me. and importantly, through this belief in self the extension of promoting other’s work makes the cycle complete. taking enjoyment from and exposing their creativity, whilst expressing my own. as it has been hard to engage new sentences with any kind of fluidity recently i have been reading through a lot of past texts and some of those retraced steps shall appear within deadhead words indicating titles worth exploring with fresh ears. before signing off for now, i’d like to thank my lifelong dear-heart jules for her unwavering patience, care and support, mark for always being there even if miles away, andrew and robert’s kindness and understanding and martha for always ensuring i get out of bed in the morning. purrs and much love to you all x

selected ambience:

a spot on the hill the tenth wave [beautiful atmospherics with piano, strings and acoustics. a seamless, thought-provoking journey. truly joyful] : ben chatwin staccato and drone signals / the sleeper awakes [richly textured compositions augmented with guitar sounds and deep strings on a sweeping fresh air ramble of scenic elevatory landscapes. no less dynamic but possibly less grandiose than signals but a pathway for those signs to follow] : cindytalk the labyrinth of the straight line [elegant morphing tonal structures and flesh-chewing noise. an absolute gargantuan abyss] : cuts a slow decay / exist : extnddntwrk just tracks [a cavernous mixed goodie-bag of electronic(a) gear and sample mischief from sleaford mods’ tune oscillator andrew fearn] : hands the soul is quick [unwinding pitch-shifting drones, fathom-deep unrecognisable samples and tones almost morphing into cathedral bells over a train-track percussive] : low double negative : richard luke vox : nirvana incesticide [dirty laundry pop, pre-disinfected. worth it for the drained puss of aneurysm alone. kurt was a genius] : rivulets rivulets [warm, tremulous acoustics. minimal, richly toned, personal songs from nathan amundson] : wrangler three memes

martin lilleker : beats working for a living [a weighty compendium of sheffield music’s inhabitants from 1973-1984. who’s-who of all we love. interviews and more, plus 22-track compilation cd of rarities] : electronic sound issue 45 [you know what you always get by now; pure quality wiring. space is the place!] : tq issue 16 [ever-improving underground music publication. interviews with caiti baker, liquid library imprint and the intriguing xqui who continues to both perplex and beguile ears. plus debut cd from chlorine for subscribers. do it]


Provided to YouTube by Cargo Dirty Soup · Extnddntwrk Just Tracks ℗ Fourth Dimension