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the unwinding hours : afterlives tour ep2 [uh]

for me, aereogramme became the ‘alternative rock’ (awful box to label i know) band of choice for some years. they forged on with an almighty glorious collision of sumptuous soundtracks and brutal metallics, creating a nomadic place for craig b’s voice to hang between soft sweet seclusion and untethered full-throated mania. at times this listening would become a battle for air against the heady blood-rushing sound… inhales sharply… after a sad parting of ways and a brief hiatus the unwinding hours have now put down roots where craig allows himself to fully occupy a calmer balanced home along with his wingman iain cook, another ex-purveyor of aforesaid aereogramme. two albums down, the unwinding hours is both honed and precise, subtle and at times radio-friendly (if only a universal-listening agenda could be garnered… eyes and ears open please people). this six-packer is a partner to their newest album afterlives - one of a number of gems slipping through 2013’s release net - stripped of its quality-controlled studio-levels, rounded edges and massed-audience potential. the not-really-that-hairy scots duo bestow us with strummings and carefully pitched shimmering piano allowing craig’s easy-delivery to gently wind its way through the set. just as their debut self-titled was mirrored by an ep, afterlives has its own chill-down. setting the tone, i dare anyone not to be moved by the opening miracle; a pureness of heartfelt words and voice. isaac and own me allow us to travel further into their souls while there’s a real edge to the love of no light. craig’s lyrics always so full of humanity in all its range. fragile, yes. shattered? no. promised land (acoustic) is the only song also on afterlives, and I must admit without its driving percussion, ringing electrics and keyboards is a real loss to the grandiose calling of the parent’s version. but then guess i’d heard that first. minor quibble over am left with find my way home… and, well, sublime! “you ran through the darkness i fleshed out”. need i say more? just picture yourself; wrapped to the nines, woolly hatted, headphones under. simply standing still gazing over a snow covered glasgow (as on the twilight cover photograph) listening to these stunning songs, softly mouthing along with craig’s voice. after 23 minutes you’ll be silent, warmed and ready to press repeat. frosty breath, moi?

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as seasons passed so did the unwinding hours. iain can often be seen in wild animation on large stages, tv screens and popping chart-heights with chvrches, whilst craig has moved forward as a mote of dust continually exploring emotion and being. more on the latter here very soon.

the unwinding hours/aereogramme a mote of dust [main part of this article was previously published 180413 on louder than war]

the unwinding hours craig b. and iain cook

the unwinding hours craig b. and iain cook

Demo recorded in the east end of Glasgow. Directed by Brendan Smith.