for all and none is... 161118

this time will tell

as the country plunges itself into a black hole of its own making, thanks in part to a monied bunch of intractable ideologues, those of us who feel strongly about forcing through another meaningful vote must stand up and shout loud. now. after the frankly pitiful events in and around parliament which have been exposed to the nth degree this week, it surely must be clear to everyone that the only brexit which might actually happen will involve a no deal. a deal of folly, a bankrupt dud. a disastrous event which will take this island back decades. more importantly, dragging its population behind by the leash ultimately leaving even more in poverty. and who’d have thought that was possible after so many years of tories leading the cavalry charge of corporate britain, private landlords and snide poisonous mockery of the poor and disabled. i don’t care how anyone voted two years ago just before a pig-fucking, berkshire cunt turned his white-feather back leaving the rest of us to a small circle of blindfolded lunatics driving this air-bagless car crash, everyone, yes everyone, must surely see the light (as dim as it has been for many) is finally going to flatline? now, i mentioned before that this crock of shit is the fault in part by those wealthy dogmatic trolls and yes, they are the ones behind the wheel, but, and it’s a big but, every living person must accept responsibility. we all have eyes. we all have brains. and the vast majority of us do actually care about the human race, the environment and every living thing which inhabits this little dot, this minuscule mote of dust in the cosmos. surely this majority must now be awake to the lies that have constantly been fed? if that’s not the case, then the two parts have indeed made a circle and the uk deserves all that is coming. or, in fact what will no longer be coming. you might wish to apply to shine rees-mogg’s shoes now. though the minimum wage will have been scrapped and that repetitive strain injury will be followed by a swift kick up the arse into a vastly overflowing gutter. here’s the deal then, if you do really fancy that then vote to leave once more, because there will be a second referendum. there is no way to depart from all the eu enables without a complete drawdown of the red white and blue bridge. the uk is in debt up to its eyeballs (though in truth that does not really matter, austerity was a choice by tories and libdem plebs and in fact has piled the debt higher and higher), our infracture is crumbling (that really does fucking matter), our industries are all already owned by overseas countries, companies and individuals and housing is about three decades past crisis point. so, what do we have to offer? well, if you do choose to vote leave again then expect those who persuaded you with lie upon lie to treat you as rancid, wasted flesh. you are nothing to the beer-addled farage, although he might offer you slops if you shine his teeny, skewed cock with his own corrosive spittle. banks might require a few more servants offshore and there’s always mr britannia himself, james suckered-you-dry dyson who’ll need his boxed far-eastern manufactured crap products delivered, albeit to a diminishing number here who’ll be able to afford them. a useful foot soldier you might well be to clear the streets, literally feeding off the rats and the evicted. the enormous gap between rich and poor will multiply, but i guess there will be enough investment for a new social housing policy, ie workhouses. ah well, there’s a pretty dystopian picture painted. perhaps a little extreme, but then that’s what the right wingers like. isn’t it? i’m not really sure how to end this, because the ending is really up to you. and your conscious. yes, there is a cost to remain in the eu but it’s a cost which can be measured and maintained. above everything it’s a fair price to ensure a half-decent life for generations. the eu doesn’t make your life poor, it’s the people sitting atop the tree here. fight them, not those below you. they have coerced and corrupted and a barren, eroded landscape surrounded by water with cries of ‘please sir, can i have some more’ echoing under brazen laughter is their ultimate prize. if i have nothing else to persuade, piss off that rack of bones beneath the soil who set this population off on its state of self-obsession back in the late seventies; turn. and turn now. speak out. campaign, tell them this is what you want. another chance if you voted leave, to reflect and realise you were sold a complete pack by pathological liars. this second chance will be the last. and after we can really go after the greedy hands that feed upon us.

in the moments i haven’t been consumed with depression and rage a mote of dust, the unwinding hours, black tape for a blue girl, lycia, rivulets, birdengine, portion control, the passage and the words of those who care and have shouldered are so thankfully loved. to those who can’t even be bothered to respond, don’t worry i’ll still be around acting as conduit. in the words of dick witts ‘we’ll see to that. oh yes’.

This is a remix by Dominic Aitchison of the final track "Home" from the album A Mote of Dust by A Mote of Dust Track available to buy here -