for all and none is... 061118

these hands…

sitting here for hours with thoughts crisscrossing thoughts on which the next step depends, this fuzzy haze inevitably leads to nothing and nowhere. these hands remain dislocated without single pinpointed focus, for now. having reached inside perhaps the constantly (all-too) private nagging fear of failure has taken too tight a grip, overwhelming rationality? if that’s so, these hands need to take control. for there is still purpose. and time. plentiful time surely for this mind and these hands to co-opt meaniful creative threads. this control freak has always found seeking assistance difficult but clearly the words of others is a spark to initiate new positive pathways. this helps. these words, typed with these hands. so we’ll get there. we are but ‘a speck in the vastness of all that we know’ and light still shines. these hands in this film are my hands too. and yes, there is always tomorrow. thank-you craig b.

Taken from the album A Mote of Dust by A Mote of Dust Directed and shot by Raych Campbell & Stuart Downie