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leila moss : my name is safe in your mouth  [bella union]

hmm, this is one of those recordings which tip-toes the sacred line of indie commercialism. which is no bad thing, let’s face it we don’t create just to shout into a wilderness after all. mass acceptance doesn’t always mean lacking originality or quality and this record has everything. for just about everyone, easily nestling itself atop the latest five-minute torch-bearing chart-toppers.., and battering them! my name is safe in your mouth has a intense truthfulness from first note to its last. a tender ferocity which could only be relayed by an artist who has lived, played and worked through the rugged dramas of a musician’s life. leila moss is said songstress, on (unpaid, no doubt) leave from rocking the boards with the duke spirit. these, her solo songs are found in exquisite widescreen, in the surrounds of everyday. lush and radiant yet still releasing rawness. an edge in vocal and subject, forming a pleasurable vapour-trailing grip to forever tighten onto. musically, she and partner toby butler vent the dynamics; the sheerest breath of howling bells, kate bush, perhaps lana del ray. often more in feeling rather than physical sound. brief moments reimagine late cocteau twins, or rather elizabeth fraser standing alone warming the cosmos. leila though, sings with such rare seductive ease, unique and instant. unquestionably voiced in one image, her own. lyrically, you’re not likely to hear spellbound possessives such as “tonight i watch the big-screen made of stars and your voice sounds out” or “all of you must belong to this firmament, anyway” ringing out of the terrestrial and satellite mainstream too often, but in my absolute world there is no reason why the hell not. on my name is safe in your mouth she wraps the sky in a blanket cosiness both in emotion and sound, mapping beauty in empathy and words. leila moss has made an album which feels like home, for every single person willing to share in its ritual and routine. in truth this was an inquisitive purchase which immediately grabbed and has not let go since. with each repeated listen its songs flow richer, deeper and spiritually stronger. here is a body of work deserving to top every chart. absolutely anyone from enquiring youth, to dog-tired parents and wily old grandma and pa could be eagerly first up on christmas morning unwrapping their copy under the tree. the last posting date is still a few clicks away, treat someone (or yourself, you deserve it) to one of 2018 and beyond’s finest.

available on vinyl, cd and dl

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"Wild As Fire" is taken from the debut album "My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth". Directed by Ren Rox