for all and none is... 311218

“there’s a big, a big hard sun. beating on the big people. in a big hard world.”

i started to write a lengthy tirade against the non-record buying music consumer and elitist trends for both ultra-expensive box sets and ridiculously short-editioned products but found myself getting more and more at odds with the world. i already hate this new year time of year and in my current state of illness the hole being excavated just became blacker and blacker. whatever my thoughts on these subjects at the end of the day they’re pretty pointless, but all i would ask is that people think before clicking. streaming only fills the pockets of the already-blinged artists and we are literally on the brink of musicianship only being open to the whims of the wealthy (and more often talentless). so, if you love music pay for it. it’s a simple equation. and speaking of wealth, record labels please note our pockets aren’t bottomless. if you want to engage new listeners and ultimately new buyers five album box sets ain’t gonna do it. another simple equation that.

happier thoughts… huge thank-you’s go out to all the wonderful, diverse musicians and artists who continue to inspire me and to anyone taking the time to read my waffle. basically keeping me sane. for the small band of pen-fellows who are just too-in-the-loop to justify a conversation i sincerely hope they continue to find that warm cosy place nestled deeply up their own arses. that’s about it then. i have absolutely no clue what 2019 will bring and neither do the people supposedly leading us. here’s to a better year for everyone. stop brexit.