for all and none is... 250718

and so it begins

an archive would be dull. there's enough shit going on in the tragedy that is the real world without music, art and words being just that. so, fuck it; colourful language, colourful images. either love them or loathe them. give what you see and read a little cuddle or throw it on the bonfire. that's what art should be: for all and none.

selected ambience:

throbbing gristle's greatest hits [it's the one i gravitate to these days. it's familiar. it's the surest blend of noise and saccharine. it's horrible in its perfection. it's love. it is industrial which is throbbing gristle] : cuts ep1/exist1&2 [deep fathoms of electronic soundcapes, ranging moveable sequential harshness to colourful nightmare visions. hints at razor-slivered mogwai and pristine, upscaled early delirium. loud and breathtaking] : sink ya teeth [joyous funk-laden grooves, chilling post-ravers and driving effervescent baselines. a twilight world of soul-drenched vox, electronics and epic percussive movers] : black-eyed snakes seven horses  [a sludge/rhythm(ic) crawl adrenalin-fest skin-blistering' supercool] : william s. burroughs spare ass annie... [a thoroughly engaging haze of the great man's drawl and dry-rinse hips of disposable heroes...] : near future ideal home [a vast spatial sound. elements/moods range memories of singular electronica, japan-esque variants and poetic drifts with the banality of shopping lists!] nagamatzu above the noise [dark, deeply hewn synths, bass and percussion amass from the cavernous netherworld of this unsung eighties' electronic post-punk duo] : nico the end [nico's mesmeric voice rifles through the swathes of beautiful drones and unsettling noise. her beguiling nakedness plays with the phantom air...] : nik colk void recollection pulse #3 [insistent, yet adjacent percussion signs through a hypnotic stabbing signal. rolling, rising. sequential fissions... end.]

tim burgess tim book two vinyl adventures... [this was the spur i needed. my reason for 'doing' restored. read over just a couple of days, i was thrilled by tim's journey to record shops across the globe gathering pieces of recommended vinyl which meant so much to each individual (the great, the big, the bad, beautiful and perhaps the ugly?). written with care and passion, with musical knowledge and above everything a need and a want; to collect and listen to records. i understand and this site is the result of that understanding. the need to carry on creating in the ways everyone knows how to. no matter how small scale. cheers fella, i'll buy you a coffee one day x] nick soulsby swans sacrifice and transcendence


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