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geniuser : i am  [ahh ohh records]

there is definitely more of a wolfgang press/rema rema vibe going down on this second geniuser long-player. although, as before there is a blinding darkness leading through the icy trails of previous mud black and the press/delete ep. this time kinks of light emerge from giuseppe de bellis' gravel-ridden concrete-electro whilst michael allen's words (and bass) continue to shovel headbutts to the heart. as markets continue to merge between electronica production and populist music i am assuredly has the exotic headspace to interact cultures. altered states of techisms, rhythmic rollers, even anthemic bagpipes disconnect the status quo of standard electronics, all fused by allen's preacher-like slogans and poetics. it's been a long wait of bated-breaths and breaking through the sweatbox but these obscure funky little demons will provide enough cavernous crawls for a while. please, just visit the lab more often. the world deserves more of your hypnotic ecstasy. exhale, i am. 'here for eternity'.

available now on cd and vinyl

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geniuser  : michael allen and giuseppe de bellis

geniuser : michael allen and giuseppe de bellis