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kathryn joseph from when i wake the want is  [rock action records]

i don't think this beautiful being was born of this ungodly earth we all leap, stumble and fall upon.  the blood she spills through investigating words. a textured language of tensely-wound emotion with a voice so close and visceral clutching our fragile arms to her greatly pulsing heart. a warm heart. a heart which has flown to us through her beguiling, densely passionate bones you have thrown me... debut, the shared vision, drama and humanity of out lines' conflats pairing kathryn with her vocal soulmate james graham of the twilight sad and now the plush, open, elegant soundscapes of this album. all three works played, produced and magically embellished by the musical power of marcus mackay. it would be so easy just to lose oneself within the spiralling comfort of the singer's all-embracing voice but, and especially on this album the skills of mackay fly the duo away, way above. of course though, with such a bare (albeit immensely powerful) sound of piano, distant vague percussion and sparse filtered effects it is the wonder of the singer's voice, a bravely succinct and unique voice, which propels. from when i wake the want is, is. it is. everything. these songs, these often strange, sometimes off-balanced words are the very soul, the very being of an artist exploring and narrating life. be happy. be sad. share in this wonderful, wonderful world. and everyone's exquisite tears will cleanse this earth.

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marcus mackay and kathryn joseph

marcus mackay and kathryn joseph