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nick soulsby  swans: sacrifice and transcendence  [jawbone press]

a publication beyond mere artefact about music. its author is my kind of writer - not a 'trained' journalist, just a love for his work - and his intoxicating, easily readable format documents fully (with no academic bull) the visionary purism of michael gira. the man's furiously obsessive drive is established solely through weaving the exhaustive language of those who worked/shared swans-life. soulsby's unlimiting questions to a myriad of protagonists and associates from jarboe, norman westberg, kristof hahn, jim thirwell, bill rieflin, martin atkins, paul kendall, to daniel gira and beyond allowing them to unleash their memories and shift conversations off-piste. from the earliest years of imagining art, through hours-upon-hours, days, years/decades of honing craft, studio work and endless touring all is examined and reported upon with intimate reverence and anecdotal evidence. their labour. their pain (careers worth of physical and mental torturous ordeals) to achieve ecstatic moments of precision-worked sound and bodily transcendence above sheer volume. these words tear apart and reflect upon a true genius, truly unlike any other. and one to be just that ever-so-slightly feared! gira is out there, waiting. listen for him. if your ears can still take it?

available now in 336pp quality paperback 

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michael gira and swans

michael gira and swans