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esya : absurdity of being  []

a stirring slab of four debut solo pieces from ayse hassan most notable for savages bass rumbling rampages. this perfectly constructed ten-incher straddles the net-less tightrope of dirty electronics and composite soundscapes, all overseen by the sensual accented voice/vocals of said @NixieSavage. for the most part absurdity of being is coiled and reined, hardly electro-pop, but broadcasting close to that particular frequency edit. obsolete is its neatest, bow-and-ribboned radio-friendly gift. a short, sequentially bursting percussive encounter, the sound balanced by a lush drifting vocal performance. whereas a chiming uneasy nursery oddness surrounds it's me's insular horrorshow. the final track sense of reality is closest to the day job being low-strung through an underpinned bassline, always on virtuality of letting rip. but, the foremost cut lost is undoubtedly the standout; a razored mesh of harsh wandering electronics and seething, though naturally restrained vox. assuredly, popular music for the darkest corners of anyone's mind. overall, the ep's air of sparseness is its formulaic genius allowing instrumentation and ayse's engaging vocal intrigue to interact in full effect. looking forward to her next esya immersion greatly.

available now on limited edition vinyl and dl


ayse hassan

ayse hassan