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being in its infancy ideas for this site are constantly in a state of whirring middle-aged flux. one important factor, which goes back to the very heart of publishing music from the empty quarter back in the early doors of the 90s is information. decades on of course, almost every living person is bombarded by the second with click-baiting truisms and fakery. input overload. so, without offering lists upon lists on lists of lists push a finger on the artist's name, labels and publishers of content featured here and there should be links redirecting for further perusal (and hopefully, possible purchase). wander round, explore, go back/forth. new material will sit beside older works, often refreshed by revalued thinking. i don't want faan to be too neatly structured, perhaps think of it as a collection of mixed tote bags hanging on the kitchen door ready for fruit and veg shopping. above everything this is my one-size which might not necessarily fit all, but hopefully there'll be a ripe juicy strawberry or crunchy carrot to nourish. if you do happen to like an article (even if you don't) please share, a simple RT will be much appreciated. in these times of musical low sale consumerism any form of getting word out to those of us who do hope to keep creators in coffee and biscuits, enabling them to pour out more light and soul - for us all - is very, very necessary. 

selected ambience [with added lines or link to full review]: 

kathryn joseph from when i wake the want is : esya absurdity of being : audiac so waltz : geniuser i am : helen money become zero [insanely powerful symphony of (cello) strings, electronics and occasional percussion. a human face of metal machine music] : lagowski redesine+ [a glowing circulatory world where percussive momentum is often maintained through driving multi-levelled sequences and resonant pulses... subtle use of voice samples is a heavy and welcome feature...] : chris carter's chemistry lessons volume one [my word. mr gristleizer in massive 25-track solo synthesis studio maelstrom. literally wiring this world] : fire engines hungry beat [perfect pop's anti-pop. davy henderson's short-lived slaughtering no wave is still such a fucking ear-smashing carnage. shred that guitar] : william carlos whitten burn my letters : spizz history [a selection of his masterful wacky gyrations masquerading as pop music all collected on one lp. ripe for a rsd reissue surely? the one and only indie (spizz) god. forza]

jason williamson slabs from paradise [short stories from sleaford mods' straight-talker... there is a matter-of-factness brutality about these 'slab's which kept me (en)grossed. a brutalisation of everyday life.., then sharpened] : vic galloway rip it up the story of scottish pop [journeying from skiffle, pop, post-punk/rock and beyond, the eclectic and creative forces of a nation's music celebrated] : electronic sound issue 44 [thankfully a few physical format magazines written with passion still flourish. devo, suicide, gabe gurnsey, max richter and more. subscribe and there are vinyl/cd goodies too]


The LA-based cellist (aka Alison Chesley) performed material from her 2016 album Become Zero with Will Thomas on drums, keyboards, and electronics. This session was recorded on location at the CHIRP studio building by Mike Lust of Manor Mobile Recording.