for all and none is... 020818

been all-a ponder 

thinking. cutting. pasting. erasing. ideas bounced and bouncing... and waiting... 

selected ambience:

audiac so waltz : esya absurdity of being : the horrors V [ever-changing, evolving. vibrating the circuits of electronic dance and surrounds. deep surrealist crawling threads and over-the-counter buffering pop. album of 2017] : swans cop/young god [loud. very loud. and yes, intense, possibly their most tonal brutality. a sublimination of guttural clarity. endure, always]  : blue on blue [a recently discovered duo pairing melody and dissonance. fine exponents of noise within the realms of pop. sadly no more] : chris connelly day of knowledge [full immersion. intense, intimate abstract sounds and texts. on a par with laswell's hashisheen: the end of law. absolute genius work] : kan kan always changing trains works 1980-1983 [collects the mesmeric, theatrical sounds of patrick dineen's electronic cabaret. wondrous music with so much movement and joy, sewn with the sequins of his multi-layered exquisite voice] : erland cooper solan goose [breathtaking, the very air of nature surrounds. piano, strings, choral voices, effects and field recordings. contemporary classical soundtracks in the area of h.o.h. swathe yourself in this beguiling warm blanket] : carter tutti void transverse [like its packaging hypnotic and trance-inducing. four live phases of endless rhythms and layering noise triggers. a barrage of effects, seemingly random, but purposeful, intrinsic to the whole. and then, wait for the studio 'slap' to scare the bejeezus...] : les willox return to colour [distant memories lead back to the very best of 4ad atmospherics such as dif juz... beautiful, drifting, assured shimmering journeys from fotzepolitic multi-instrumentalist] : sleaford mods stick in a five and go [tune. innit.] geniuser i am

music from the empty quarter's zero - 4 : karl hyde i am dogboy [part diary. part photographic evidence. part life journey. all parts recording the intoxicating and unparalleled life in the underworld] : jamie bartlett the dark net [from first data to uncontrollable human virus the web and its inhabitants laid bare] : nick soulsby swans sacrifice and transcendence - one of the finest documents on music, art and physical human drive ever written.


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