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creep show : mr dynamite [bella union/memetune]

creep show is benge, stephen mallinder and phil winter of wrangler with vocal man-mountain john grant. supergrouping-looper-troopers. well, that's the do righters unveiled let's get down to it. sliding right on all over it in fact like a skating needle on vinyl because as with wrangler's long-players bubbling electro-diversification is key. with joy(sticks) set at scenic, playful and rhythmic. once past the icy crackdowns, alien warp and nagnagnag of the title track the feeling of being devoured from inside by memetune circuits is mostly replaced with bouncy as fuck effervescence. be happy. because mr. grant goes all wonky vox on modern parenting. a delightful high-end wandering thoroughly through tomorrow's sequential pop, during which i couldn't help but think of dave howard spiralling wildly in his wheelchair. crooning duet anyone? in fact, on endangered species the wondrous vocal is even more dhs, smoo-oooth noodles replete with female backing. these three cuts along with pink squirrel's multi-directional bleep-funk perhaps define the album most as they clearly stand any list-topping measure of accessibility. as wrangler's debut sparked a cabs continuum from 2x45's end-grooves, creep show inputs just about every nook and cranny of cabaret voltaire sphericals. mixing-up sequential codes, discordance (k mart johnny would align with any of their primary filmic outros) and both human/zeroes-and-ones-human voice. reconfigured, reimagined, stimulation furthered... lime ricky ultra-surrounds and fall drives fahr'n fahr'n fair'n auf der... ! tokyo metro is a joyous flight through shimmering neon skylines then safe and sound hums the jetpack down to earth in the arms of soulful serenity. universally, mr dynamite has the feel of previous mallinder clown deviancy hey, rube! on which he shared the make-up with steve cobby [scribblings on that subject here]. this is electronic music regaining the past but more importantly experiencing future sounds. and it all flows, wildly! older and wiser instilling pace and diversity, with a little poke in the eye for good measure. this is not the final frontier, they'll surely trip-toe the edges further... hey, mere living legends!

nb i make no apology for referencing cv so heavily with this album as in my eyes they were undoubtedly the most important electronic outfit influencing both commercial and non-commercial music, blueprinting much of today's vast range of sounds and visuals. end. of.

available now on vinyl, cd and dl

creep show  bella union 

creep show : stephen mallinder, john grant, ben edwards and phil winter

creep show : stephen mallinder, john grant, ben edwards and phil winter

Video made with Luke Pendrell