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cuts : exist (1/2) [village green recordings]

there is something pure about these sounds. a deep, resonant purity which many electronic artists labour to achieve. the majority lay static floating the fine crack separating readily consumable greatness and the very rarest; the imposers of that minutiae spark. the gargantuan musical behemoths. and anthony tombling jr. crawls, sprawls, heaves himself over that precipice. he is unique, he is cuts. both musician and filmmaker he attacks sound from a filmic perspective. after an accident leaving him with sleep paralysis this work represents an imagined release of the visions he witnessed. above everything his fascination is decay, realising music from the stillness of abandoned space. being an artist myself who mostly painted spontaneously whilst absorbing music (often specific tracks played on a loop) i appreciate this methodology fully. with paint the mind can lead to fast random results, but i figure anthony re-works tirelessly at tone and structure. these cuts must take time to configure and not without incurring some hearing damage! but importantly, there is no engaging in noise per se. these largely instrumental soundtracks do have volume. machinations develop and unwind with crushing volume. highly charged sequential harshness reverberates against intense razor-slivered mogwai-like masses. and there is lightness too at times. searing anthemic siren slices and drench-effected female voices range in and between pristine, upscaled early delerium super-structured ambience. for me, this sublime music could be represented within richard wilson's 20:50 installation. i hear a clear fluid blackness, highly reflective, unfathomable and expansive. i see infinite space and evolving composition of exquisite decay. exist, the new dream voyager remixes [slowdive and ben chatwin manipulate] and debut ep1 (released on geoff barrow's invada imprint, for which each track has its own amazing video piece) need to be owned and visited regularly for an enhanced life way beyond mere electronic sound. experience sheer cathartic perfection. buy everything and listen on the very best formats, without compression. ear defenders, optional.

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cuts is anthony tombling jr

cuts is anthony tombling jr

Directed by Patrick Blades. "Dream Voyager is completely influenced from my experiences with sleep paralysis. Not being able to move physically. It’s like you slip in to a completely separate reality which can be quite terrifying." - Anthony Tombling Jr, CUTS