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as it's been a month since for all and none entered the world of website infinities a reappraisal of the musical and print wonders in selected ambience (plus a few extras) so far in one handy roll of a-z honours seemed a logical step. therefore if you have a spare few hours put your kinky boots on and click through... as ever, stay tuned people. [a side note; i must give a huge thanks to everyone who has engaged with faan and spread the virus through RT's. believe me this simple gesture is truly appreciated, and on that front special heartfelts to @fookanoo @RHKingPhoto @lagowski @audiac @kathrynjoseph_ @grahamneedham and @Jules_Archangel (especially as she has to live with this miserable old git) for duties above and beyond.

selected ambience 250718-230818 [with links to full deadhead words or brief chat]:

audiac so waltz 

jb barrington woodchip anaglypta and nicotined artexed ceilings [salford's finest wordsmith. urban poetry but so very far from urbane. think teeth and heart minus sleaford mods' snarl]

jamie bartlett the dark net [from first data to uncontrollable human virus the web and its inhabitants laid bare] 

black-eyed snakes seven horses  [a sludge/rhythm(ic) crawl adrenalin-fest skin-blistering' supercool] 

blue on blue [a recently discovered duo pairing melody and dissonance. fine exponents of noise within the realms of pop. sadly no more] 

tim burgess tim book two vinyl adventures... [this was the spur i needed. my reason for 'doing' restored. read over just a couple of days, i was thrilled by tim's journey to record shops across the globe gathering pieces of recommended vinyl which meant so much to each individual (the great, the big, the bad, beautiful and perhaps the ugly?). written with care and passion, with musical knowledge and above everything a need and a want; to collect and listen to records. i understand and this site is the result of that understanding. the need to carry on creating in the ways everyone knows how to. no matter how small scale. cheers fella, i'll buy you a coffee one day x] 

william s. burroughs spare ass annie... [a thoroughly engaging haze of the great man's drawl and dry-rinse hips of disposable heroes...]

chris carter's chemistry lessons volume one [my word. mr gristleizer in massive 25-track solo synthesis studio maelstrom. literally wiring this world]

carter tutti void transverse [like its packaging hypnotic and trance-inducing. four live phases of endless rhythms and layering noise triggers. a barrage of effects, seemingly random, but purposeful, intrinsic to the whole. and then, wait for the studio 'slap' to scare the bejeezus...]

chris connelly day of knowledge [full immersion. intense, intimate abstract sounds and texts. on a par with laswell's hashisheen: the end of law. absolute genius work]

erland cooper solan goose

cosey fanni tutti art sex music [acclaimed autobiography. inspirational performer, musical seamstress, industrial heroine, passionate gardener and wonderful human being]

creep show mr dynamite

cuts exist (1/2)

electronic sound issue 44 [thankfully a few physical format magazines written with passion still flourish. devo, suicide, gabe gurnsey, max richter and more. subscribe and there are vinyl/cd goodies too]

esya absurdity of being 

fire engines hungry beat [perfect pop's anti-pop. davy henderson's short-lived slaughtering no wave is still such a fucking ear-smashing carnage. shred that guitar]

vic galloway rip it up the story of scottish pop [journeying from skiffle, pop, post-punk/rock and beyond, the eclectic and creative forces of a nation's music celebrated]

geniuser i am

helen money become zero [insanely powerful symphony of (cello) strings, electronics and occasional percussion. a human face of metal machine music]

the horrors V [ever-changing, evolving. vibrating the circuits of electronic dance and surrounds. deep surrealist crawling threads and over-the-counter buffering pop. album of 2017]

karl hyde i am dogboy [part diary. part photographic evidence. part life journey. all parts recording the intoxicating and unparalleled life in the underworld] 

kathryn joseph from when i wake the want is

kan kan always changing trains works 1980-1983 [collects the mesmeric, theatrical sounds of patrick dineen's electronic cabaret. wondrous music with so much movement and joy, sewn with the sequins of his multi-layered exquisite voice]

lagowski redesine+ [a glowing circulatory world where percussive momentum is often maintained through driving multi-levelled sequences and resonant pulses... subtle use of voice samples is a heavy and welcome feature...]

lonelady nerve up [sprawling, round-eged, industrial glasspaper funk? or, angular postpunk with nods to 2x45 era cabs? both, with added soulful vox]

map 71 gloriosa [hard-edged poetics spun through a web of percussion and noise. d&v would be the closest but nothing like...]

nagamatzu above the noise [dark, deeply hewn synths, bass and percussion amass from the cavernous netherworld of this unsung eighties' electronic post-punk duo] 

near future ideal home [a vast spatial sound. elements/moods range memories of singular electronica, japan-esque variants and poetic drifts with the banality of shopping lists!]

nico the end [nico's mesmeric voice rifles through the swathes of beautiful drones and unsettling noise. her beguiling nakedness plays with the phantom air...]

sink ya teeth [joyous funk-laden grooves, chilling post-ravers and driving effervescent baselines. a twilight world of soul-drenched vox, electronics and epic percussive movers]

sleaford mods stick in a five and go [tune. innit.] 

nick soulsby swans sacrifice and transcendence

spizz history [a selection of his masterful wacky gyrations masquerading as pop music all collected on one lp. ripe for a rsd reissue surely? the one and only indie (spizz) god. forza]

swans cop/young god [loud. very loud. and yes, intense, possibly their most tonal brutality. a sublimination of guttural clarity. endure, always] 

throbbing gristle's greatest hits [it's the one i gravitate to these days. it's familiar. it's the surest blend of noise and saccharine. it's horrible in its perfection. it's love. it is industrial which is throbbing gristle]

tq [magazine focussing on experimental, improv and noise. written with passion and insanely vfm especially for subbers as issues include extras. issue 14 is very kraut plus new posset cd]

turkish delight howcha magowcha

nik colk void recollection pulse #3 [insistent, yet adjacent percussion signs through a hypnotic stabbing signal. rolling, rising. sequential fissions... end.]

william carlos whitten burn my letters 

jason williamson slabs from paradise [short stories from sleaford mods' straight-talker... there is a matter-of-factness brutality about these 'slab's which kept me (en)grossed. a brutalisation of everyday life.., then sharpened]

les willox return to colour [distant memories lead back to the very best of 4ad atmospherics such as dif juz... beautiful, drifting, assured shimmering journeys from fotzepolitic multi-instrumentalist] 


Founder of industrial music pioneers Throbbing Gristle and performance artist Cosey Fanni Tutti in conversation with filmmaker Gavin Toomey about her autobiography Art Sex Music.