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chris carter : chemistry lessons volume one  [mute records]

my word, mr. gristleizer in massive 25-track studio synthesis maelstrom... this compositional genius and most musical of electronic grand-daddies has finally unleashed another solo album, some seven years in the making. under the rolling open skies of east anglia, caressed within the loving arms of partner cosey fanni tutti his constantly evolving home-bunker of machines' (ancient, reconditioned, new and crafted) recoiled circuits have been plundered to their very souls in search of pristine tones with which to manipulate and guide on paths less trodden. chris carter may have erupted out of throbbing gristle's noise-floor; its incendiary performance of chaos, control and sound emanation from the death factory's socially deprived arena, but always his seeded output shinned disciples' skin with both bruises and warm/cool, soothing band-aids. his synthetic umbrella shielded the storm and lightning bolts of tg's heathen earth. if one word sums up the organic soil of carter's work it's melody. even in the darker moments of this long, long, long-anticipated set he instills throughout an intense colour, sun-shards of catchment tunes which birth and elevate growth. flavours and tastes roll over a myriad of tongues. a full daily intake of electronica textures and nourishment. resonating, driven, ecstatic, exotica. rhythmic and vocal, even when tracks are without those inputs. unlike stacked-high supermarket shelves you'll find this branded food processing is extremely good for your well-being! the scale of cccl1 is grand, volumous and cultured and hearing the whole of this album is the unlocking of its joyful keys. a constant conclusional data flow. as is such i feel there is no need to sort through the folders, dissecting each track and to be honest i've never really been interested in how a song might be constructed. just as i don't want an artist or academic theorist to tell me what an abstract painting is supposed to be or represent. here lie bewitching earworms. hypnotic, bristling. gentle journeying soundtracks. of course it's hardly surprising to hear momentary sounds which could be associated with today's younger menu of electronic artists, but one has to remember they were most probably inspired by this very man. a gentle man who has for decades, and thankfully still is, literally wiring the world with this and his many other 'dayjobs'. consume this album, live with these rare compositions. and most importantly, enjoy them.

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chris carter (and cosey fanni tutti)

chris carter (and cosey fanni tutti)

'Cernubicua' features skewed, yet calming voices. Carter explains the voices, "Sleazy and I had worked together on ways of developing a sort of artificial singing using software and hardware.