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peter hope and charlie collins : post industrial forgery [wrong revolution]

repetition is the weekly wage on this recent hope and collins collaboration. the disengaging twists of prime-layering and non-linear soundcsapes of their previous flex 13 project are pulled seamlessly into abrasive sequentials and soft-focus percussive circle-jerks. this wireless advancement is calibrated through highly rhythmic tonal composites awash with incidental other-movements, merging into a new form of clicks and cuts. unlike c and c's relational substrata being quite sedentary, here there is physical work akin to being operative on a factory moving-assembly plant. clock on, intensively labour. clock off. machines hum, pulsate, murmur. and whilst none of these pieces include the bruising textures of hope's voice, ghosts of magnetic tape infiltrate and blur the windowless workplace environment. the title of this 14-track could be a category of electronic music in itself. post industrial for sure and heartily forged in sheffield (via hope's new homeland of new zealand). just as i have previously proclaimed - at length - the creative advancement of hope's blood and bones, leather hands and exploding mind [read here] once again he, along with lifelong bounce-partner collins have produced a physical material to devour and medicate with. engage its ethical narcosis. 

available now on limited edition cd and dl

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Peter Hope

Peter Hope

Peter Hope and Charlie Collins in previous FLEX 13 guise from their Twenty13 album.