for all and none is... 300918

i’m so hollow.

from a personal perspective the past few weeks have been a void, a state I have wished to ignore for quite some time. the admittance to depression has been and still is uncomfortable. coming to terms with illness and medication has left a flattened feeling, focus and thought suppressed even in regards to musical stimulation. music and art has always been a refuge and now the need seems even more real. i just need to balance and find that sounder surface again. the mind is indeed a terrible thing to taste but the desire to shout loud into the digital darkness is still intact. pushing through I hope to regain the thread. coffee and double negative healing…

VIDEO CREDITS Director: Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson @aaron_anderson, @erictimothycarlson, Video Producer: Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson Editor: Aaron Anderson Director of Photography: Eric Timothy Carlson