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richard luke : voz  [1631 recordings]

occasionally on hearing a piece of music for the first time a momentary standstill will be instructed. the mind, the very soul leaving the body awe-struck. a tone, its texture, the feel of its presence will linger inside-outside. indeed, there are many factors which might pre-propose this emotional response. over these advancing years I have been drawn more and more to the serenity and drama of piano and strings. this juxtaposition of delicacy and strength often plays brightly within soundtracks, the very best of which move beyond background effect and transcends celluloid enhancement. voz is such. goodbyes, its opener provided that breathless pause. a warming glow, the elation of musical wonder. though not a soundtrack, this stand-alone entity has the thrill of sound invoking pictures and movement. of journeys imagined and realised. wanderings and travelled sights and surroundings. tender life moments and memories. i place it alongside adrian johnston's music from shooting the past (of course, soundtrack material) which has an impetus to engage with away from its filmic framework. as there, themes reappear over these eight tracks. moods altered by the depth of solitary sounds and combined resonance. beachcombing is a particular jewel, swathes of amira bedrush-mcdonald's strings (violinist and co-writer of this whole album) and measured notes patterning spacious, soaring joy. for me, voz sits somewhere along the curved lines of structural ambience, even minimal electronica. the feathering of additional studio effects to the purest of instrumentation allows for this comparison. if the thought of dipping toes into contemporary classical is a little troublesome, bear in mind musicians such as richard luke and erland cooper today are crossing borders and ignoring digital boundaries. theirs is a sound to enhance all humanity. cherish the debut album from this supremely talented scottish composer.

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richard luke  1631 recordings

richard luke and amira bedrush-mcdonald

richard luke and amira bedrush-mcdonald

Recorded Live on 20.1.18 in a tenement flat in Glasgow.