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cuts : a gradual decline  [village green recordings]

i’ve lived with this album for so long now. so many plays, repeats, rewinds, exploring minuscule moments of its monumental sound. the pitch (or rather constant changes in pitch), the dislocation of rhythm and melody and binding flow of every movement within. the shifting timbre. the threads of tonal beauty and attack which combine into a complete voluminous flowing accession. a gradual decline always leaves me breathless, anxious and numb, yet ultimately joyed and uplifted. having been privileged to hear first-hand of the meticulous process with which anthony tombling undertook in producing this album it far out reaches that of just being an electronic musical entity. the meaning and emotional physicality in utilising sounds of glacial movement, melt and breakage reveals both a celebration of nature’s magnificence and an all-out warning of its expedited destruction… by our own hands. the crushing calamity of our failure to act represented through rounded shock and awe constructs and gripping, oblique textural calm. polar opposites engaged with precision attendance into one elemental journey. all harshness contained with tenderness and hope. for a gradual decline is an electronic soundtrack to nature and self. an important catalyst to enquire and reflect on not only our own futures but of every cell and being, living or otherwise. immersive and uncompromising cuts, has made a stunning, immaculate record modelled in the present and it’s now up to us how much time we have left to hear it. i urge everyone to listen. now.

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