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the twilight sad : it won/t be like this all the time [rock action records]

above everything there’s a feeling of renewed vigour about it won/t be like this all the time. after months, years even, touring the world with the cure and playing to vast audiences the twilight sad clearly returned to the studio with acute bouts of confidence and swagger. as a result they have produced a set of eleven songs which immediately kick from the belly, aching, screaming, crying out for attention. their textural jigsaw as ever intriguing and complex, remoulded with an upward maturity. still moving way way beyond the normal realms of pop(ular) music banality, but more than ever exposing a forceful, commanding presence from within. this scottish duo, come four/five-piece smash open the stadium floors to a new breed of gracefully ferocious anthems, all tied to the abrasive baseline poetry of james alexander graham. surpassing the sublime clinical rendition of nobody wants to be here and nobody wants to leave would have been daunting for many artists but with hedonistic abandon these new scores breeze past their own previously accepted mainstream repose. perhaps only vtr here, might find a comfy snug amongst that masterpiece of 2014? yet, the songwriting partnership remains unchanged, just refined via the fiery furnaces of live appreciation and more than a few hearty gestures and tilts of sweat-soaked foreheads to robert smith’s genius assent. james’ exquisitely accentuated lilt and everyday prose of life, loves and many alternate facets therein slide rasping through the unshackled momentum, power and preciseness of andy macfarlane’s composite engine with polished assurance. the whole album spools without friction. titles rise, race and career with speed and aplomb. with joy, with meaning and with questions (the very best songwriters leave these unanswered). it’s virtually impossible to single out definitives, but girl chewing gum reaches that sweet-spot for me. this crescendo moment complete with the darkest of lyrics to shout above the crowd; “put me in the ground. i don’t want to be here anymore”. pure james. purest the twilight sad. last january i couldn’t have imagined they might transcend the perfection of it never was the same but after multiple plays and repeats it may be some time before it won/t be like this all the time releases its heated winter hug on me and various musical apparatus to think of heading backwards. of course, i will in time because many very treasured moments are locked forever inside for those of us lucky enough to have grown with this special band. take part, grab tight. hold close and be ready for them to sweep all aside with this, 2019’s new adventures in absolute hi-fi.

available now on vinyl, cd and dl

the twilight sad rock action records

the twilight sad

the twilight sad

Out now on Rock Action Records - Directed by Brendan Jay Smith Edited by Michael Sherrington