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hilary woods : colt  [sacred bones records]

colt moves the mid-space. both calm and unsettling by an almost imperceptible distant production, wistfully carressing its songs into being. listening to these recordings almost feels like an intrusion. as an uninvited voyeur my ears are stretched, pressed wide against a crack in the door reaching out in witness to deeply personal diary entries heard murmuring through this dimly lit ambience. hilary woods’ soul seen silhouetted against cinematic backdrops of pristine noted piano and echoing surrounds. sounds intense in their isolation broken lightly by a whispered mapping voice of delicate, yet damning endeavour. her texts persuasive and healing. love, life and religion in minuscule snapshots engaging catharsis through poetry and musical pictorials, vivid and dreamlike. perhaps in moments she weaves in similar threads to jessica bailiff or stuart warwick’s more elemental studies but intrinsically colt has a bolder, abstract richness purposing darker pathways. these paths tensely bound to a voice allowed to serenely call with succinct dexterity and passion, tonality withering into the amassed background void. there is an almighty beauty here but it’s a bitter-sweet sensation of hearing comfort in pain. prodigal dog’s soothing, sweeping movement carries with it “i was worshipping some kind of made up flame” and “all i could feel, was empty shells of feeling. give me back my skin to live in” from jesus said is nakedly confessional. these words not easy to hear but with repeated listening become possessive, bringing a clear peace to this sharing of experience. at least that is my hope of these lines from memory and time. this debut album is a stunning experience, made to latch onto and hold dear. hilary woods has created a sound beguiling and extraordinary, a perfect cacophony of frayed bandaging for her relived emotions. for me, the door is now wide open and illuminating, everything… “maybe the light will bring me its charm. and cast these shadows from me”.

hilary will be supporting low on their forthcoming european tour

available now on vinyl, cd and dl

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From 'Colt,' out now: Directed by Hilary Woods Cinematography / editing by Joshua Wright