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ist ist : everything is different now [kind violence records]

i’ve arrived late to this manchester four-piece who’ve been blistering a growing audience with a number of sold out singles and highly charged live sets, but thankfully this new six-track ep has just been secured. on first hearing ist ist sound operational from the birthing of joy division’s post-punk and in turn early interpol’s dark past examination of said theoretical response. the commanding half-spoken vox, siren-soaring guitar, tapestry rhythmical bass and drums and cloaking electronics are all on the agenda so it’s clear a link must be made, chosen or otherwise. after all, if fans of the above give a listen then hell, i’ll make those comparisons and be unapologetic all day long. ist ist are patently able to drive their own forceful, elegant thematics beyond the mere obvious though. from the opening instrumental entry which coils its mouth wide to the pummelling ultra-high of exist, this ep runs through at pace. son is the father which is the lyrical container of this ep’s title travels with side-stepping obliqueness and crashes into the neu psychedelia of jennifer’s lips, which finds me reaching once more for the horror’s exquisite primary colours. similarly, the melancholic i want to disappear broadens a wide-stroke electronic spectrum as seen by the southend-on-sea five-piece, before undignified pulls together the band’s strength of possession into one attendant volume, crescendo and sprawl. exist is without doubt the literal hit of this set but in gauging the six-track as a whole is a mighty leader into a near future full album of more blissfully magnetic ist ist anthems to escape the modern world. 

available on vinyl, cd and dl

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ist ist are adam houghton, andy k, joel kay, mat peters

ist ist are adam houghton, andy k, joel kay, mat peters

From the new EP 'Everything Is Different Now', released 25th January 2019

Concept and production by Natalia Bedkowska. Live footage by Matthew Boone.