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drift pioneer : metal elf boy [t.e.q. music? 2005]

until recently i’d forgotten just how utterly infectious metal elf boy was. along with arthur loves plastic’s sperm warfare this cd was released in 1995 and sadly, due to lack of knowhow and market forces used failed to sell in any quantity. not even enough to recoup costs in fact - i used to joke (inwardly) that they were the most expensive spare jewel-cases ever purchased! most of the copies were later lost in our basement flood a few years ago, but luckily a tiny batch poked their heads above water and to be honest i haven’t stopped playing it since. drift pioneer was londoner william cheshire who managed to engineer a solid state work of highly charged, pristine electronica over six long sprawling architectural tracks. these pieces loosely mould themselves around orbital or vocal-less underworld styles but unwind with a truly unique volition of their own. just simple comparisons are both unnecessary and invalid. the whole album shimmers fluidity, constantly reflecting a dazzling display of expansive environments. light, sunshine, mirrored darkness all refract into a bewitching mass which lifts, caresses and heals. rhythmic sequentials glide with effortless, exquisite poise whilst tonal triggers fever movements offering phrases of tactile, emotional response. seventy-something minutes ease through, yet provoke so many glorious textures and feelings. the resultant high only tethered by realising that these recordings have been heard by so few. in the overloaded jewel-box of electronic sources metal elf boy’s pinpoint edges glisten and so deserve to surface and be held. thankfully, it isn’t too late…

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