for all and none is... 160218

happy mediums

the ups and downs are continuing to plateau and sink but through it all at least i appear to be heading on a path which brings moments of peace and joy. setting up the for all and none shop, unearthing art and music has at last made me realise the worth of the past and potential for the future. i’m not talking monetary value, merely the processes taken which led to finished works and the pleasure of creation and fulfilment. of course being on this unknown journey with regards to my illness i must seek to establish both avenues to create and sell. hence, the shop, which i intend to stock with my own work and items related to the empty quarter, either released through the name or those which inspired. i hope you’ll pay it a visit, rather like this web site it will be an ongoing ramshackle affair! hopefully soon, as well as continuing to write i’ll put brush to canvas (or similar) and expose the visual senses again. it’s been a long time coming.

over the next few days i hope to post articles on drift pioneer, c cat trance, test dept., piroshka and finally finish the piece on cosey’s wonderful tutti album as well as strip out the 25 ways… reviews into separate files. i also intend to finally get the email-mailout list sorted so if you’d like to be included please use the open form button the forallandnone facebook page is now up and running too, but it’s a medium i’m not too fond of so its usage will be sparse!


Title track from the new solo album 'TUTTI' by Cosey Fanni Tutti. Released by Conspiracy International on 8th February 2019 on Vinyl, Compact Disc, Digital Download and Streaming.