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sleaford mods : eton alive [extreme eating records]

it’s the immediacy. the ease of admission. the unlocked door access. the unremitted urgency of uptake. it’s a new sleaford mods with yet more reasons for loving them and another set of absolutes. absolute meanings for the everyday, the mundane and consequential. picking the spots for action/reaction to the very heart of things which drive us. all of us, to destraction, to despair and with clockwork regularity they lead us to the very highs of happiness fulfilled (if only briefly for the duration of their performance). now rough trade-less but not cache-cleared on their very own extreme eating label jason williamson continues to initiate societal and political conversation with pitiless pearl-witted commentary over andrew fearn’s intrinsically valued holistic circuits. it’s no coincidence there’s a list of charitable organisations such as shelter, samaritans, addaction and peta on the inner sleeve, because eton alive is the antithesis of the old rancid new order this country is led by the nose by. especially right now, as we teeter on the brink of a last gasp anchor’s away disappearance down the ERG’s twisted empirical sinkhole. sleaford mods open our ears and eyes to the stink of the regime and gives us alternatives, if only to question ourselves and most importantly to think about others. as someone who’s been besotted for many years now eton alive links the past and moves forward with less rage, but supplies no less bruising. there’s a subtleness to the tight-grip factuals, jason ‘sings’ more and the sound feels more open. i hate to use the word ‘mature’ because it sounds flippant and condescending and really isn’t meant to, so i hope my lack of language will be understood and pardoned. they’ve both worked their arses off (and continue to do so) to sustain totally unique careers, making a sense of our inner principles, role in community and outer environmental responsibility. successfully, warts n’all. i could go through the songs and bore you with my viewpoint of them all, but there is little point when they are but a click away, paid for or otherwise - do the former. sleaford mods are both my comfy slippers and dr.martens’ workboots. familiarity does not always breed contempt. “there’s only one course. discourse”.

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jason williamson and andrew fearn © duncan stafford

jason williamson and andrew fearn © duncan stafford

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