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piroshka : brickbat [bella union]

as the sun streams through it seems particularly poignant to spin brickbat for the first time. this debut set from a deep well of accomplished musicians we all know (and many love) just exudes happiness by its glorious sound alone. with dreamy vocal deliveries through skipping rhythm sections and crushed velvet-pop ladened guitar hooks this album kicks high on the endorphin scale from the off. and what a rollocking-roll the opening this must be bedlam is, resplendent with shady nook and cranny feedback noodles. this quartet of miki from lush, mick conroy and justin welch respectively of modern english and elastica providing hearty rhythms and moose, of well, moose laying down the licks, they know how to raise a game beyond mere stadium hazy-lazy shoegazers. with lyrical outpourings about school shootings, the depressing power of social media, inequality and greed and the car crash that is brexit, miki may possess the voice of several angelic choirs raising their arms as one her words are literally world’s away from throwaway pop songs. but, she comfortably fits like a luxurious glove as compositional complexities unwind. aided in reels of their own electronic masking tape, fiona brice’s occasional strings or with terry edwards triumphal brass as on village of the damned and the brutally suave everlastingly yours, which is a joyful standout. the ten tracks of brickbat all slide effortlessly yet possess that extra nuance and glimmer to elevate with a grace and power that both dominates and thrills. i’m sure this bunch will return to their own band dayjobs (and bringing up the kids!) but i really hope they’ll find a way to regularly fit piroshka into their schedules. supergroups often flatter to deceive, but this one shines supreme like bright sunlight off a knife-edge. in the words of can, from where this work originally grew via a demo from its elastica quarter, i want more. please!

available now on vinyl, cd and dl

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mick conroy, moose, miki berenyi and justin welch are piroshka

mick conroy, moose, miki berenyi and justin welch are piroshka