for all and none is... 070819

double negative a + b surface noise

having recently revealed the first six titles in my new surface noise print series am pleased to now launch the seventh. this large work on paper is a culmination of immersing myself in low’s triumphant extra-sensory album once again over a period of a couple weeks. i hope in some small way this personal vision reflects the band’s monumental sounds of this seminal work. both a and b prints are now available in the shop, as are all my surface noise reflections. i hope to add more before year end and would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this work.

SN1 A + B Arriving Angels : Helen Money

SN2 A + B Schönste Muziek : Z’ev

SN3 A + B Ablation : Main

SN4 A + B Transverse : Carter Tutti Void

SN5 A + B Spiritchaser : Dead Can Dance

SN6 A + B The Crackle Of My Soul : Cindytalk

SN7 A + B Double Negative : Low

for all and none shop : low’s double negative in deadhead words

double negative A print

double negative A print